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The department of Amazonas is recognized for its great diversity, and the micro climates present in the region. In this region we also find the famous archaeological site of Kuelap, the citadel is built between the Andes of the jungle, a pre-Inca settlement that includes hundreds of buildings surrounded by a huge perimeter wall. To the south is the regional capital, Chachapoyas, a small high plateau city with red tile roofs.

Take a look at Amazonas

Trekking in Kuelap (3,000 meters above sea level)

3 hours from Chillo which is 5 km away after Tingo.


During the month of February throughout the region.

Anniversary of Chachapoyas

September 5th

Kuélap Archaeological Zone

Kuélap was built by the Chachapoyas civilization (1,000 a.C.) on the left bank of the Utcubamba river. It is a large stone architectural ensemble located on top of a mountain.

Jalca Grande

85 km southeast of Chachapoyas. Beautiful village, famous for its folklore and the archaeological remains of Ollape.

Chipuric, Karajía and Levanto

To the west, 35 and 48 km from Chachapoyas. The archaeological remains of Chipuric and the sarcophagi of Karajía are remarkable in many aspects, in addition to the archaeological remains in the town of Levanto, 22 km south of the city of Chachapoyas.

Pomacochas Lagoon

Located in the km. 326 of the Pedro Ruiz-Tarapoto highway. Famous for its cheese production, it is possible to fish and practice nautical sports, as well as to appreciate the endemic spatula-tailed hummingbird.


Chicken, beef, mutton or fish: which is prepared with milk, angel hair noodles or rice, sweet potato, potatoes, corn, squash, vegetables, peas, beans, carrots, oregano, parsley and green pepper.

Rolled meat

Rolled meat based on ground beef fried.


It is a traditional dish of the countryside that carries several types of beans and mote. It has a dressing based on coriander. You can cook in different ways, one of them is sparks, in which you use corn instead of mote and green beans.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    Mostly it has a temperate climate, and rains in the summer season (December - April) temperatures of 23 ° - 11 °.

  • Best season

    The best time to travel to Amazonas is the relatively dry months between July and September.

  • How to get?

    Land route, Lima - Chiclayo - Chachapoyas 1,225 Km.
    Airway, flights from Lima on Thursdays and Sundays.