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Ayacucho is a land of churches and houses of marked architecture; likewise, it is the land of the artisans, where the manufacture of the Ayacucho altarpieces stands out; counting with a location in the central mountain range of Peru and crossed by the Mountain range of the $ andes. This region of the mountains of Peru has as its characteristic its great religious fervor, being one of the favorite spots for foreigners and foreigners in Holy Week. Among the 33 churches of colonial architecture that it has, it has an enviable route since eight of them are in the center of the city and can be started in the Cathedral, located in the Plaza Mayor.

Take a look at Ayacucho

Visit of churches

Ayacucho has 33 churches and colonial convents of Renaissance, mud and mestizo styles. They can be visited only during the celebration of religious services.

Visit the Acuchimay viewpoint

It is located in the district of Carmen Alto where you can see a panoramic view of the city of Ayacucho.

Wari archaeological complex

Wari was a pre-Hispanic city capital of the Pan-American Wari state. Located 22 km from the city of Ayacucho.

Town of Quinua

32 km from Ayacucho. This town of potters has a picturesque church in the Plaza de Armas.

Pampas de Ayacucho Historical Sanctuary

At 1 Km. From the town of Quinua, where an obelisk of 44 m. of height remembers the Battle of Ayacucho.


48 km north of Ayacucho. Called "La Esmeralda de Los Andes" for its fertile and green valley, in this city you can spend the day and enjoy the typical picanterías.


118 Km south of Ayacucho. Remains of an important Inca administrative and religious center. Vilcashuamán (Quechua "sacred halcon") conserves magnificent stone buildings, including the Temple of the Sun and the monumental step pyramid of the Ushno.

Turquoise waters of Circamarca Millpu

4 hours from Ayacucho, where you will enjoy natural pools with turquoise waters.

Puca Picante

Potatoes with ground roasted peanuts, seasoned with ají panca and pork rinds.


Entry made with fresh shredded cheese and mixed with chili pepper, rocoto, milk, oil and chopped onion. It is served on potato.

Mondongo Ayacuchano

Soup made with peeled corn. It is cooked with beef, beef belly and pork bacon. It is served with a dressing.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    Rains in the months of November to April. Dry and temperate climate with solar brightness throughout the year, its permanent blue sky and incomparable sun shining. Maximum Temperature 28 ° C - Minimum Temperature 6 ° C.

  • Best season

    The best season to visit this beautiful city is from May to September, without a doubt it has a unique climate.

  • How to get?

    Land route, 558 km from Lima. Asphalted road, in good condition. Estimated time from 8 to 9 hours.
    Airway, there are daily flights from the city of Lima.