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Junin, located in the highlands and central jungle of Peru, is land of waterfalls and valleys of land with landscapes in their most natural state.

We can find towns with a deep religious vocation such as Tarma and Jauja, in addition to the National Reserve with birds and mammals of the Andes. In turn, Junín has extensive forests in the province of Satipo and Chanchamayo, with botanical gardens and shelters in native communities.

Take a look at Junin

Visit the church La Merced

It is the oldest in Huancayo and the 1839 constitution was signed there. It preserves the main altar and the wooden pulpit.

Wanka Identity Park

Located in the San Antonio neighborhood. Theme park in tribute to the natural and cultural wealth of the region.

Cerrito de la Libertad

1 km from the city. Also called 'Mirador', it offers an interesting view of the city, a logical zoo, restaurants and recreational area.

Convent of Ocopa

Founded by Fray Francisco de San José in 1725, the Convent is a beautiful colonial building converted into a tourist spot. It has four cloisters and an ancestral bell; In addition, it has a library with more than 25 thousand volumes, a collection of religious art of the Cusco school and Huamanguina and objects of the Asháninka ethnic group.


On the banks of the Chanchamayo river, the neighboring cities of San Ramón and La Merced have sun all year round and a fresh and green countryside. Visit the Veil of the Bride, with impressive waterfalls, the Chanchamayo River Beaches, the Botanical Garden and the El Tirol Waterfall.

Laguna de Paca

5 km north of Jauja. Eye of water surrounded by totorales and wildlife, ideal for boat rides. You can visit the island of love.

Roast lamb

Whole lamb cooked on the grill, seasoned with various spices.

Human caldo

Ram heads boiled in an infusion of mint, onion and chili.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    Rainy and cold weather with rainy seasons in October to April. Maximum Temperature 29 ° C - Minimum Temperature -5 ° C.

  • Best season

    From April to October it is dry and sunny. From December to April, the climate is variable and rainy.

  • How to get?

    Land route, route Lima - Huancayo 298 km. By air, there are regular flights to Jauja from Lima.