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Lambayeque is a picturesque region that has much to offer: you can get to know the culture of this town not only for its historical monuments such as the Lord of Sipan, its valleys and pyramids, but also for its exquisite cuisine and lively nightlife. Take a horse ride through the Historical Sanctuary of Pómac Forests, perform nautical activities in the artificial lagoon of Tinajones Reservoir and let its beaches disconnect you from the city.

Take a look at Lambayeque

Visit the Park of the Muses

In the same city of Chiclayo, in the department of Lambayeque, and a few blocks from its central square we find a tourist corridor called Paseo Las Musas. It is adorned with gardens with beautiful flowers and whose main attraction is a monument of roundabouts decorated with Hellenic sculptures.


Very crowded port in summer. It has a large wooden pier more than 100 years old. In its beaches you can practice surfing, motor boating, windsurfing, etc, along with fishermen riding on their totora horses.

Ferreñafe Church

The province of Ferreñafe was founded on February 17th, 1951, the location of this is in the main square being this church opened in 1864, of Baroque - colonial architecture with brick, plaster and adobe.

Tumbas reales de Sipán Museum

Museum built specially to exhibit the archaeological objects discovered in Huaca Rajada in 1987, generally known as the Lord of Sipán. The building resembles a truncated pyramid formed by five prisms that are supported by inclined planes. Open: Tuesday to Sunday.


Archaeological complex conformed by 26 adobe pyramids. It has an area of 220 hectares. Túcume or Valle de las Pirámides was the center of political and religious power in the region during the Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca cultures.

Artisan Market of Monsefú

Locality recognized for its craft market where you can see basketry products, straw hats, cotton fabrics and yarn. Its finely embroidered objects are famous, such as tablecloths, blouses, skirts, ponchos and mantles.

Stripe Tortilla

This is one of the most requested and prepared stews in the place, not only for being one of the most economical, but also for the large amount of nutrients that can be obtained from such fish, including vitamin B, B3 and B12.

Seco de cabrito con frijoles

Traditional dish from the north, based on kid meat, chicha de jora, ají panca and culantro. It is accompanied with portion of beans.

King Kong

Alfajor stuffed with white delicacy, pineapple jelly and peanuts.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    The city of Chiclayo has a maximum temperature 32 ° C - Minimum Temperature 18 ° C

  • Best season

    Sunny from September to March, and partly cloudy from April to August.

  • How to get?

    Land road, Panamericana Norte highway, Lima-Chiclayo 770 km. Airway, there are daily flights from Lima.