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It is an extremely cold region, especially Cerro de Pasco, capital of the department and mining city of 80 thousand inhabitants, located on the plateau of Bombón, also accessible by the road to Canta. Its main attraction is the National Sanctuary of Huayllay (Stone Forest), 43 km from the city, and the lagoons of Huaracocha, Shegue and Punrún.

Take a look at Pasco

Oxapampa Tourist Week

It is celebrated from 25 to 31 August, in homage to Santa Rosa, patron saint of the city.

Visit Villa Rica

Visit the Mirador 1.5 km from the city, allows the view of all Villa Rica, which is located in the main coffee growing area of the country.

Yesú Waterfalls

3 km from Villa Rica. Beautiful waterfalls near the source of the river of the same name. Refreshing ride

Yanachaga-Chemillén National Park

It includes 122 thousand hectares on the districts of Oxapampa, Pozuzo, Huancabamba, Villa Rica and Palcazú. Its forests contain more than 500 species of orchids, 427 species of birds and 59 mammals.


87 km north of Oxapampa, in the Palcazú valley. It is a privileged area where fruits, coffee, rice and tobacco grow. You can visit the Hanging Bridge Guillermo I, the Serpentarium of the Health Center, the Shafferer Museum (about the colonization of the area) and the typical Tyrolean house of the Egg family, in the Palmatambo estate.

Huayllay National Sanctuary-Stone Forest

It has 6,815 hectares of walls and pinnacles at 4,335 meters above sea level, with beautiful lagoons such as Japurín and Huaychaococha, excellent for sport fishing, and La Calera thermo-medicinal waters.

Caldo de cabeza

It carries a wide variety of ingredients such as head of mutton, yellow potatoes, mote, chilli mirasol, mint; It is also accompanied with chopped Chinese onion and rocoto.

Caldo Verde

It is based on quesillo, potatoes, eggs, paico, mint and parsley. It is also accompanied with mountain range.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    Cold, with maximum temperature of 12ºC and minimum of 0.6ºC.

  • Best season

    The coldest months are June and July. The rainy season is in January, February, March and December.

  • How to get?

    It can be reached by land from Lima to Cerro de Pasco (296 kilometers) along the Carretera Central.