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Founded by Francisco Pizarro on August 15th, 1532 as San Miguel de Piura is a city in the northern western region of Peru, capital of the Piura Region. It is located in the center west of the region, in the Piura river valley, north of the Sechura desert, 981 km north of Lima and near the border with Ecuador. It is the fifth most populated in the country.
Piura is known as the city of Hospitality, for the welcome that its inhabitants offer their visitors and shelter those who stay to reside in it.
Located in the north of Peru, Piura has the most popular spas and beaches for tourists and surfers: Máncora, Colán, Los Órganos, Vichayito, Cabo Blanco (famous for hosting the writer Ernest Hemingway) and Lobitos. In this region we can find colonial temples and artisan villages such as Chulucanas and Catacaos. In this northern department is located the most extensive arid territory of Peru: the desert of Sechura.

Take a look at Piura

Admiral Miguel Grau's House Museum

Visit the house where the hero of Angamos was born and grew up.


Visit the Cathedral, located in the Main Square. It highlights a beautiful gold leaf altar and different oil paintings by Peruvian painter Ignacio Merino.

San Franciso Church

Visit the oldest church in the city. There was proclaimed the independence of this region on January 4th, 1821.


Village widely known for its craftsmanship. It also has a good cuisine in its traditional picanterías.


This place is one of the favorite points for surfers and sun lovers who, in increasing numbers, make their few streets bustling. It has other popular summer destinations, such as Vichayito.


Also called 'La Esmeralda', it is a beautiful beach. The sea is very calm.


Sea food, such as ceviche, is very popular in the coastal area of the region.

Seco de chabelo

Dry salted meat, roasted in coals with green plantains and seasoned with a stew of onion, tomato, chili, salt and vinegar.


Traditional piurano dessert made with goat's milk, chancaca and flour.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    Sunny all year round Maximum Temperature 32 ° C - Minimum Temperature 19 ° C.

  • Best season

    Hot and sunny all year, with occasional rain; This area is under the influence of a warm equatorial current.

  • How to get?

    Land route, Panamericana highway North route Lima- Piura 973 Km.
    Airway, there are daily flights from the city of Lima.