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This department located on the south coast of Peru, has gorges, rock formations and vast deserts. Its mansions and streets have endured, from the times of the colony, terrible natural disasters. In its valleys abound fruit, olives, shrimp and exclusive pisco and wines are produced. In Moquegua there is the well-known Puerto de Ilo, where the Interoceanic highway leaves to the south of Peru and the neighboring countries of Brazil and Bolivia interconnecting by these routes the Atlantic Ocean.

Take a look at Moquegua

Plaza de Armas

In it there is a pool designed by Gustave Eiffel and built in 1877.

Contisuyo Museum

With archaeological objects of the region. Library and craft shop.

Pisco Route

Tour of the pisco producing wineries in the area. The pisco moqueguano is one of the most appreciated by connoisseurs.

Samegua y Torata

Places where you can appreciate the attractive countryside surrounding the city, hiking and try typical dishes.

Ilo's coastal seafront

Ilo, fishing port and main boarding point of the south. From there you can see the port and the beaches.

Moqueguano de camarón

It is a dish based on shrimp, which are extracted from the Moquegua river or Tambo river in Omate. The ingredient that stands out is the leaf of paico.

Sudado de machas

Prepared with stains, onions, garlic, white wine and vinegar. Accompanied with boiled potatoes or yuccas. It is said that its flavor is quite subtle, but with powerful essence.

Data you should know if you travel

  • Weather

    Warm and sunny. Maximum temperature of 27ºC and minimum temperature of 9ºC.

  • Best season

    Dry from April to November. February is the rainiest.

  • How to get?

    Land Route, Panamericana Sur Lima-Moquegua 1,146 km.